Sharing Data: A Guide

John J Czaplewski - University of Wisconsin Geoscience Dept.

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I often wrangle data

"In order to ensure that the Federal Government is taking full advantage of its information resources, executive departments and agencies...must manage information as an asset throughout its life cycle to promote openness and interoperability, and properly safeguard systems and information. Managing government information...will increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve services, support mission needs, safeguard personal information, and increase public access to valuable government information."
- Executive Office of the President, 2013

Why give this talk?

What's data?

Machine-readable structured information






Consistent data types

How to fix: Consistency

Does it make sense to you?

How to fix: Colleagues

Spatial considerations

Your users' needs
your needs

Just Say No
(to projections)

Projections "...are great if a printer is how you share data" - Calvin Metcalf

How to fix: WGS84 (4326)

Proprietary file formats

Coordinate precision

How to fix:

Other Considerations


How to fix: CC license picker


How to fix: provide links

Datasets shouldn't be ❄️

How to fix: be detailed and general


How to fix: README

Be proud of your clean, interoperable data!